Close-up of Christian Cross Mark IV

ACCM4 - Auskar Christian Cross Mark IV Close-up

It took awile to get everything “close to right.”  Still, these crosses are not perfect.  They just look nice.  There is a Mark I, II, and III before these came available.  Once I get the web site up and going, I’ll be offering them for sale.  They aren’t made of any kind of special wood, just what I like by looking at it.  Grain was nice.  Knotholes were nice.  The center is all copper with a transparent solid over the copper.  Like I said, they look nice.

On the Mark I, I worked on proportions, didn’t do any routing on the edges, and hadn’t yet perfected the half-lap joint to the required degree of perfection.  Since then, l learned and created a pretty good jig.  Jigs are important in woodworking.  I will offer the Mark 1’s for sale, but at a reduced price.

In the middle of making the Mark II, I figured out how to get the half-lap joints that joined the crossbars just right.  I also routered around the edges so that there is effectively, “a cross within a cross.”

Part of making the Mark III crosses occurred by accident, which is why they’ll be for sale last, if at all.  I had just started putting the copper center into the crosses and filling it with clear epoxy-resin.  I wasn’t sure how far the copper should stick up out of the wood.  Also, because I only have one eye and my depth perception is not the greatest, I “missed” when I poured epoxy into the copper center.  I said, “What the heck,” and coated the entire front of the cross.  It looked great.  Except…there were massive drips on the whole back of the cross.  I’m still working on how to fix that and how to coat the crosses.  The new ones will be Mark V

Auskar Christian Cross Mark IV

ACCM4 - Auskar Christian Cross Mark IV Front View

All of the Auskar crosses look different.  Some are a lighter color than this one, some are darker, some are redder.  I will put up pictures of each of them so people can order the exact cross they want.  I don’t yet know if there will even be a market for any of them.

Most crosses are about seven inches tall and four inches across, but some are different.  I used different woods when making them,  some are stained, some are not and the finishes really vary.

One thing I learned when making the Mark III – is that epoxy will “dome” on its own.  I thought I would need a mold and couldn’t figure out how to get my vision to come through.

The Mark IV is what I envisioned.  I hope to offer different centers other than copper and perhaps some inlay, too.  Before I do that, though, I want to work with placques, grinding, burning, boxes and some other stuff — including a neat pen and pencil holder i’ve imagined.  Wood looks so much better than other materials.