Minimum Wage Diet and Weight Loss Program

Terry writing at his inside desk

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One day you might glance in a shop window, see your reflection, and wonder, “Who is that?”

It happened to me in 2009, back when I lived in Portland, Oregon.  

I had gained weight.  A lot of weight.

As a result, I started the ‘Terr Light Minimum Wage Diet and Weight Loss Program’ and I lost twenty-five pounds.  I dreamed up the program.  I dream up lots of things.

I got a job.  Not just any job.  I got a minimum wage job and promised myself that I would only live on what I made with that minimum wage job.  You know the kind of job I mean – a parking lot attendant, janitor, security cop, fast food server, greeter at Wal-Mart, beginning retail sales clerk.

Ideally, the job you get will require large amounts of time on your feet.  It can be part-time, seasonal, or temporary.  If you were the chief executive of a company, it doesn’t matter.  Take a hiatus (if you can).  You have to want to lose weight. 

The ‘minimum-wage diet and weight-loss program’ doesn’t stop there.

If you have a car (as I do), ideally, you should not use it.  Ride on mass transit and walk.  Walk approximately three-quarters of a mile to the bus or streetcar, three-quarters of a mile from the transit stop to work, then reverse it when you travel home.  If you choose not to use mass transit, at least figure out how to use it.  Dare to do something different.  If you choose to drive your car, don’t park at work.  Park three-quarters to a mile away, then walk.

Cut down on eating, too.  You’re allowed up to three cups of coffee, water, try and cut out sodas, one yogurt, a very small bowl of cereal or half a bagel, and two-thirds to half of what you would normally eat for dinner.  When you eat, do it in the morning, afternoon and early afternoon.  No snacks.

Every once in a while, declare a “diet holiday.”  Then you can have barbecue, chocolate, ice cream or a few potato chips.  Not a lot!  And you have to resume the program!

If a friend spots you at your minimum wage job and knots his eyebrows quizzically, pat your belly (or other body part) with the flat of your hand so that it makes a loud popping noise, laugh loudly, and proclaim you are on the “(Your name here) Minimum Wage Diet and Weight Loss Program!”

Be proud.  Be loud.

© copyright 2010 and 2021 by Terry Light