1 Way to Really Lose Weight

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 The Shamrock Diet – How to Look Good Fast

The weight-loss program is called the Shamrock Diet. The reason I call it the Shamrock diet is because I live in Dublin and drink beer from a Guiness mug. 

I’m really good at diets. I started one last year and nine months later, I’ve lost a little over seventeeen pounds.

Last week I gained back ten, though. 

The reason I gained weight is because I started writing again. That probably doesn’t make sense to you, so I’ll explain.

See, when I used to write, I smoked. I quit smoking in 2008. When I started writing again I didn’t want to start smoking because smoking isn’t healthy. I had to do something because I began walking around the house like a nut (in between bouts of inspiration), fidgeting like an addict.

I chose to drink beer again.

I quit drinking beer nine months ago because I wanted to lose a little weight.

Anyway, the Shamrock Diet — whenever you get hungry, drink an entire 16.9 ounce bottle of water followed immediately by going to your bathroom sink to brush your teeth. Use lots of toothpaste. You can’t drink or eat anything for at least fifteen minutes.

Nothing will taste right, anyway.

For example, would you drink a beer after you brushed your teeth? Would you drink wine? Liquor?

Eat chili?


When fifteen minutes have gone by, you’ll have forgotten that you’re hungry.

I hope.

Just in case you didn’t forget that you’re hungry — drink more water and brush your teeth again.

As a bonus — you’ll have fewer cavities next time you go to the dentist.

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