About Auskar.com

Terry Light

I’m not really a writer.  I love nothing more than to get in the garage I converted to a Wood Workshop and made something.  However, I have to put a store online so I can make a couple hundred extra dollars a month.  To do that, I needed a website.  I figured if I needed a website, I’d create it on my own.  Then I got sidetracked (“Oh shiny!”) into putting other stuff on it so people would have a reason to visit besides the store.

However, I really want you to buy something I made from wood

I wanted a change:

- Woodworking
- Woodburning
- Wood, period.

What was most different?

The point was to change how I thought.  To have a plastic brain.  Things I’ve done?  Sports were big until I graduated high school.  When I was twelve, I worked in a graveyard.  I’ve aslo worked in a factory, restaurant management, the military, language, intelligence services, clerical, accounting, collections, sales, consultant, internet entrepreneur, self-employed, manual labor, community college professor and more.  I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor.  I tried the guitar and the bass guitar and that would change my mind, but that’s a young man’s deal.  What could I do that was different from anything I’d done before?   Woodworking.